Conflict Resolution

Conflict in corporate settings exists at multiple levels.  It exists within individuals, between dyads, in small work groups, between groups, between employees, managers, and executives, and between individuals within each of those categories.  Conflict also results from Mergers and Acquisitions, and in Organizational Development.
Several key components seem to be ubiquitous to many such conflicts.  One category seems to be the cognitive assumptions and expectations held by the various parties.  A second aspect of conflict includes a degree of arrogance that one is right and others are wrong.  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Humility training address both and have thus proven to be invaluable in conflict resolution work.  Mindfulness Meditation helps not only to reduce tension and stress, but to decrease judgmental inclinations and increase empathy towards the other parties.   A systems perspective is often also included in the training to diminish the likelihood of myopic attitudes and interactions, and provide the big picture of the organization as a whole.

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