Individual Therapy

We offer a wide spectrum of professional expertise by very caring Psychologists and Ph.D. candidates with whom you will be able to build a trusting, supportive relationship.  The practice of Wisdom Therapy is tailored to your needs.  The first session intake will enable you to provide a comprehensive background and your current needs.  The care providers will likewise provide an overview of the approach and answer any questions you may have regarding the ongoing therapeutic practice.

Group Therapy
The Institute offers several types of group psychotherapy that are designed to assist clients with practical approaches to challenging or difficult emotional experiences. Safety and confidentiality are two of the most important issues in group work at the Wisdom Therapy Institute. Each group participant is invited to an interview to establish his or her comfort level for group work, and to fully understand which group will best address the work the client wants to do. The Wisdom Therapy Institute Staff are the group leaders and their work is supervised by Shani Robins Ph.D.
Anger Management
Stress Management
Shyness and Social Anxiety
Parenting Challenges and Solutions
Pain Management
Trauma and Recovery
Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
Living with Menopause
Men and Mid-Life Crisis
A Place of Safety for Teen Women
The Quest Group for Teen Men
Couples Therapy

Conflicts in relationships and marriage are unfortunately quite common.  Wisdom Therapy works with couples by incorporating its primary components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, and Humility towards improved communication and reduced conflict.  There is a pattern of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are common to many relationship conflicts.  Wisdom Therapy targets those that are specific to you and tailors the intervention towards your needs.  Wisdom Therapy also explicitly incorporates concepts like empathy and compassion as an integral component for couples to practice.   In the spirit of bringing in those practices that have proven most useful in the field, couples work at the Wisdom Therapy Institute also draws on prominent psychodynamic constructs as needed. 

Corporate EAP

The Wisdom Therapy Institute provides a variety of services to Employee Assistance Programs including Individual Psychotherapy, Anger Management, Stress Management, and Living with Chronic Diseases. The goal of these services is to support employees in achieving personal goals that not only improve their work performance – the positive impact is experienced in ways that contribute to quality of life at work and at home. Currently the Institute provides confidential services to Fortune 500 Companies. Permission to reveal our corporate client list for these services is sought on an individual basis as a formal professional reference. 



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