Coaching at the Wisdom Therapy Institute is provided by professionals with coaching certifications or coaching training that is offered as part of an accredited 6-year program in clinical psychology leading to a PhD, or a 3-year clinical program in counseling psychology leading to an MFT. Professional training in psychological science and practice is a requirement of all coaches at the Institute. There are several coaching specialties to choose from.

Visioning: Graphic Facilitation for Life Planning and Group Expression

Visioning is a technique that has its origins in the cave paintings of early human beings throughout the world. Ancient peoples made supplications to the powers that controlled their lives through graphic representations. Visioning permits expression of areas of the brain that direct our lives, make our plans, hold dreams and realistic goals in balance, and even call upon forces out of our control to participate in our personal realization. Visioning for individuals is a journey into the key questions that demand our attention, and a practical approach. A technique that is applicable for individuals and groups, Visioning creates one of those rare moments when it is possible to see at the same time what everyone at a meeting is thinking, a process that encourages the expression of ideas that are inclusive of the thoughts of each participant. Visioning sessions for individuals require 2 hours and a desk or table surface that is at least 3 to 4 feet wide and 4 to 6 feet in length. Visioning sessions for groups require a morning or an afternoon, and a room with at least one clear wall that is at least 16 feet long.

Personal Development Coaching
Creating possibilities where there were blocks to accomplishing anything is a key purpose of  personal development coaching. If we can suspend judgment about our lives for a few moments we can begin to see our strengths and pay less attention to our weaknesses. Defining a life on purpose rather than reaction is an outcome of a process of overcoming internal barriers and setting goals that you are more than ready to achieve, once you can envision them in an environment of possibility rather than limitation. Each coaching program is custom designed for each client, based on their life history and life goals, and involves short term, mid term, and long term goals that are interdependent and doable in the everyday world. Personal development coaching can be focused on any goal, personal or professional, or a combination of the two. If you have decided it’s time to invest in having a life lived on purpose rather than in reaction, our program can support your effort.
Achievement Coaching

Planning for the future in your career or your business needs to address what it is that you hope to achieve in all of the major aspects of your life. Achievement coaching is a whole-person approach that takes into account not only position, power, and financial targets, but also your health, relationships, relaxation and recreation, sources of learning, and creating the opportunity for your future to unfold in response to a practical plan that makes room for vision and inspiration. Achievement coaching is a short term approach that is designed in 12-week sequences with specific goals.


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