What is Wisdom Therapy?

Wisdom Therapy is a comprehensive, practical, scientifically established approach that can help you address the life challenges and conflicts you’re facing. The wisdom that typically develops late in life is very useful for meeting those challenges. Wisdom Therapy helps you develop some of that wisdom now instead of 20 or 30 years from now.

The wisdom we gain throughout our life includes communication and social skills, Humility, empathy and compassion for others, emotional intelligence, specific thought patterns, mindfulness, a practice of appreciation and gratitude for the things we take for granted like being able to walk or see, and a sense of awe, respect, and perspective for the big picture and nature. Skills in all of these areas can be gained through several mo nths of practice. Wisdom Therapy aims to provide that practice.

Among the key components of Wisdom Therapy are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, and the active cultivation of Humility. Decades of research has shown that each of these alone has remarkable benefits for relieving suffering and conflict. Together they will provide you with an extraordinary set of tools that will not only prove effective for relief, but will also increase your enjoyment of everyday activities, your productivity, and your over-all well-being and health.

Each one of us has unique strengths and goals accompanied with varying degrees of suffering and conflicts like anger, fear, anxiety, stress, and depression in relationships, and with work. As difficult and overwhelming as your challenges may seem, it is useful for you to be aware of the fact that millions before us have faced similar forms of suffering and conflicts and successfully resolved them.

The bad news is that you’re currently suffering. The very good news is that Psychological Science has developed effective methods for the past 100 years to help relieve that suffering. Even more impressive are the techniques that Eastern traditions have developed for the last five thousand years to bring relief. Wisdom Therapy has integrated the best of those techniques and has produced a systematic method for implementing them in a practical way that has been empirically confirmed to produce significant benefits. In working together, our aim will be to tailor those methods to your specific needs. The Wisdom Therapy Institute was created to provide a caring, respectful, trusting environment for helping you obtain those benefits.

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